DIY Elsa Dress Pattern On Sale Just $10!

Have you been hunting for the perfect Elsa dress for your little one? Do you know how to sew? has Elise’s Everyday Princess Dress PDF Pattern for just $10!

Just  click here and search Elise’s Everyday Princess Dress PDF Pattern on the site.

I am going to make one of these for my daughter!


$5 Pattern Sale from Today ONLY!

Have you ever wanted to learn to sew (see my posts on how to start sewing here!) or are you already an experienced seamstress?

My FAVORITE site for patterns is

They are having a $5 Pattern sale TODAY only.

You can grab the following patterns for just $5 each!

Remember, this sale is TODAY only, so you’ll want to hop on this deal soon.


Tot Tuesday: Learning to Sew…Where To Start?

I often get asked where I get the inspiration for the outfits and crafts I do for/with my kids. The truth is…the internet. Blogs, websites, there is SO much out there! Google anything and add “tutorial” after it and I promise you’ll be overwhelmed with results!

I had a LOT of emails yesterday about my guest post on Money Saving Mom. Some were about blogging, some were just nice compliments (thank you!) and some were about sewing.

For those of you starting out, I want to encourage you NOT to start off with a pattern from Simplicity or McCall’s or any of those tissue paper patterns. Don’t get me wrong…those are great. But they can trip even the most experienced seamstress up.

An early attempt gone bad!

You need to start simple. Simple patterns with clean lines and not a ton of details. That’s why I LOVE making kids clothing. Kids clothing isn’t fitted the same way adult clothing is. So it’s a lot more simple (and cheaper!) to make.

So where do you start?

As I said before, you can just google “pillowcase dress” and add “tutorial” and you will come up with more results than you could ever imagine filtering through. This can be overwhelming, and not everyone is that great at writing up tutorials. You could get yourself into a project that just isn’t set up very well. It’s still worth it…there are some unbelievable tutorial writers out there…just be careful.

Combined several online tutorials to make a Daddy Dress from my husband’s old shirt!

Here are my best suggestions to anyone just starting out:

  • The best luck I’ve had is with Not only do they have a TON of free content, their patterns are quite reasonably priced as well. The reason I like to go this route is because most of their patterns encompass a broad range of sizes. Most of the patterns I’ve purchased for them go from 6 months to 10 years old! Also, they are very selective about their pattern designers. I’ve never gotten a pattern from them that the step by step directions weren’t totally clear and easy to follow.
  • Another great site to check out is actually a forum. is the place I go when I need to be inspired. From sewing, to scrapbooking, to cooking…they have it ALL. My favorite thing to do there is to look at the Interior Decorating pictures.
This list is by no means all inclusive. I am not a master seamstress, I’m still learning! I make the decision when I am going to learn a new pattern or create something new, that I will fail as much as I need to to succeed. This is 100% true for sewing, and pretty much for anything you might want to learn!
It’s so worth it though. I now create my own patterns and even sell children’s clothing! I promise though, I started off exactly where you are sitting RIGHT NOW.
I even made her dress for her Dedication!
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