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Recently, I noticed that my Facebook News Feed was all of a sudden showing me all the pages I’ve liked for the first time in a long time!

This is great news!

As both a page owner AND a Facebook user, it was incredibly frustrating to know that Facebook was filtering out content that I really wanted to see.

That said, I apparently like a lot of pages!

Several of these pages are no longer relevant to me though, so I headed over to the page to “unlike” them.

NOTE: PLEASE go to the page to unlike. Don’t hide and don’t mark as spam. If a page isn’t relevant to you, do the page owner and yourself a favor and just unlike the page. The reason hiding isn’t a good idea is because Facebook rates pages based on how engaged their followers are. If you hide their updates, you are no longer engaged. This brings their overall total of engaged users down and in turn keeps their engagement to post ratio low. If you think you want to hide the updates of the page, what’s the point in liking them any longer?

When I went to hit the “unlike” button an interesting drop down showed.

Here’s what the drop down looks like:

(You will likely not have any lists here if you haven’t done this before. These lists seem to fall under “interests” and don’t fall under your normal List categories)

Here’s the thing I love…you can STOP the page from showing in your news feed! AND…in the same move, you can create a list specifically for that blog to show up on.

Here, I created this list: Family Friendly Frugality Only

It’s a public list and it only shows Family Friendly Frugality in “News Feed” format. I love it!

Now, if I wanted to, I could filter Family Friendly Frugality out of my news feed entirely. (I don’t want to, but there are plenty of other pages I DO want to filter out of my news feed, but still follow on a regular basis)

Here’s how you can do this:

First you’ll click New List after you click the “unlike/like” button. (NOTE: You can add all your pages/interests/friends to your list on the next screen, but you might have to go to all of their pages to uncheck Show in News Feed. Otherwise, you’ll still see these items in your news feed)

Then this screen will pop up where you can add more of your pages/subscriptions/friends if you choose.

Now you can choose the visibility of this list. Do you want this list to be Public? Only your friends? Or for your eyes only?

I made this list public for those of you that want a dedicated list with JUST Family Friendly Frugality posts.

Now you’ll see your lists down here under Interests.

Click on the little pen looking icon to add it to your favorites and voila! You can remove a page from your news feed and add it to a dedicated list or a list of  like pages/topics in one quick move!

Follow the Family Friendly Frugality only list here if you like! It’s a public list so you should be able to subscribe to it.


Tell me, will you take most of the pages out of your news feed and put them into lists? Will this help streamline Facebook for you and make it a happier place? 


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