Tomorrow…Family Friendly Frugality is Going on STRIKE #SOPASTRIKE

Tomorrow, when you visit Family Friendly Frugality, you will not see my happy family logo:

You won’t see the categories up top. Those categories that include hundreds upon thousands of posts that have built this site into the resource it is today:

You won’t see a single post from 8am to 8pm.

NO posts!

It will be as if Family Friendly Frugality was wiped off the internet. In it’s place will be a page directing you to learn more about 2 very dangerous bills in front of Congress right now that will change the internet forever if passed.


I wrote about these bills in my Make A Change Monday post yesterday. And the truth is? If these bills pass, it’s very possible that one day you could come to Family Friendly Frugality and see a blank screen. It would be THAT easy for this site (or ANY site) to get SHUT DOWN.

I have received support from the Family Friendly Frugality readers, who agree that these bills cannot pass. At least not without a LOT of noise from those of us who use the internet (which is…everyone? Right?).

So tomorrow, on January 18th from 8am EST-8pm EST, Family Friendly Frugality will be joining the sites listed here (Includes Wikipedia, Reddit, Google, WordPress and HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS more) and going on STRIKE!

Want to join in? Write Congress and tell them how you feel!

Want to learn more? Watch this video (go to this link if you can’t see the video:  )

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Here are some awesome articles for you to read as well:

The internet has stopped wars, freed nations and helped small businesses (like this one!) thrive and grow and flourish. Don’t let Congress take away our freedom of speech. You wouldn’t let them do it offline, don’t let them do it online.

Take action!


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