Tot Tuesday: Build a Dream Playhouse Review & Giveaway

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Build a Dream Playhouse Snack Shack

Tot Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc.

We recently had the amazing opportunity to review a Snack Shack from Build a Dream Playhouses. When I found out we would have the opportunity to do a review on a Build a Dream Playhouse I was really excited. I’ve been considering purchasing one of these for the kids for quite awhile now!

When the box came in the mail, I called my sister in law and made plans for my nephew to come over to have a little painting party! I knew my 2 little ones likely wouldn’t be able to paint the whole snack shack on their own, so what a great opportunity for a playdate!

About Build a Dream Playhouses

Build a Dream Playhouses was the brainchild of a father from Cleveland, Ohio. The playhouses are made from 80% recycled eco friendly corrugated cardboard and the end product is 100% recyclable (although I suspect it will be a good long while before you’ll want to take one of these to the recycle bin).

There are 6 playhouses to choose from:

  1. Pop N’Play Kitchen
  2. Pop N’Play Castle
  3. Cosmic Cruiser
  4. Imagine Wagon
  5. Dream Machine
  6. Snack Shack (what we chose)

The premise of the playhouses is built off of everyone’s favorite childhood memory-playing in a cardboard box! How often do parents lament, “Why did I buy them the toy? I should have just given them the box it came in!”.

There’s something about a cardboard box that inspires imagination. Build a Dream Playhouses takes that inspiration and turns it into a dream come true, of the blank canvas variety! With something special for everyone, it’s just a matter of deciding what fantasy land you want your children to star in when you make your purchase.

The Snack Shack

Fresh out of the box.

We chose the snack shack because it seemed like the most practical playhouse for our family. Our children are both pretty young and not great at taking turns, so anything that involved them to be enclosed in a confined space, or was limited to one child at a time, was not an option. That took out the vehicles. We already have a play kitchen and a play castle, so we decided to go with the snack shack.


When it first arrived, I admit I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the pieces. My husband (our resident put-stuff-together person) came over to help and we had the whole thing up within about 10- minutes. Very easy, and I was surprised by how sturdy the playhouse seemed to be.

They couldn't wait to start playing!

We invited our nephew over for a play date and let 2 3 year olds and 1 2  year old loose with some washable paint in the backyard.

One of the first things that really surprised and delighted me about the Snack Shack was just how sturdy it was.

First of all, we assembled the snack shack inside, before realizing that we’d probably want the kids to paint outside.

3 kids all painting and it didn't even shake!

Luckily, my husband and I easily lifted the snack shack and got it outside with just a bit of fancy maneuvering to get it out the door.

So hard at work!

A true testament to the sturdiness of this awesome playhouse was that we had three children (young children at that!) painting on it at one time. Not only that but the two larger children were painting on the opposite side of the smallest child and it made no difference.

Hard at work!

I also really liked that the signs on the top of the snack shack were easily removed so the children could paint them down on their level. I like that the company took the time and effort to go that extra mile for their tinier clients!
Here is a short video of the kids playing with the playhouse!


My Observations

From the initial correspondence with Build a Dream Playhouses until present day, I have been greatly impressed with this company and their remarkable product. The Snack Shack we reviewed was of incredibly high quality, super fun and definitely fulfilled every promise made.

My children and my nephew really enjoyed the snack shack, and I can only imagine how much more fulfilling the artistic end of the experience would be for older children. I can’t wait to purchase one of these for my children when they are a bit older and they take a bit more pride in their artwork. Even now though as young preschool/toddlers, they totally indulged in the imagination aspect of their playhouse and I loved to watch how it really got their creative juices flowing!

The price point is a bit high for my frugal way of thinking, however I think this is one of those instances where the experience just might be worth the cost. I definitely would justify the cost if you were purchasing this for many children or as an activity for a child’s birthday party. If you take very good care of it, it actually could be an incredibly cost efficient way to get your children the coveted play kitchen or castle that so many children desire while growing up! The materials used and the all around sturdiness make me feel the price is reasonable and the potential longevity of playtime also justify the cost in my opinion.

Interested in buying a Build a Dream Playhouse? You can purchase one directly from their site right here.

Interested in winning a Build a Dream Playhouse? Well now we’re talking!

The Giveaway

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