Tot Tuesday: Face Masks & Reminding My Kids I Am Pretty Awesome

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Tot Tuesday is a (mostly) weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc. Want to contribute? Email me heather @

Last week, my son made a dragon face mask to celebrate the Chinese New Year and my daughter made a dinosaur mask because she’s learning about dinosaurs.

I was feeling a bit left out, so I told the kids that I was going to make my own mask.

They thought that was silly, and for some reason they seemed to have little faith that I could make my own mask (seriously? I’ve been working with 2-4 year olds LONG before these kids were born. I know my way around a paper plate and glue! Plus, I mean…who made them homemade play dough, homemade paint, sponge painting, etc…).

I sat down with a paper plate, a craft stick, some spray glue, pom poms and a pair of scissors and I made myself an awesome mask. (We like to do crafty stuff. Here’s a post about what I try to keep on hand for crafting.)

After I made my mask, we ran around and hid and acted silly for a bit before I decided we should really take a picture of how awesome we looked with our cool masks. 

Having fun with our face masks reminded me that sometimes our kids need to know that we can be just as silly as them. Also, that it’s easy to take for granted that our kids know how awesome we are (and that we can in fact make our own face masks), but sometimes we need to show them just to be sure they remember. 😉

Go make a face mask and run around with your kids. Remind them that you are awesome AND fun. They probably don’t need the reminder, but maybe you do.

The simpler things in life are always the best. 


Just in case you aren’t quite sure how to make a face mask:

1. Cut a paper plate in half

2. Cut out some eye holes

3. Glue a tongue depresser/craft stick to one side

4. Decorate!

There are many variations of face masks, so get creative!

 A big thanks to my kids teachers for making such awesome masks with my kids 🙂 . The inspiration to make my own and join in the fun with my kids is because of their commitment to helping my kids learn all kinds of awesome stuff. You ladies know who you are. Thank you!


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