Tot Tuesday: Get Your Dance On

Finnerud dancing

Earlier today I was surfing around my favorite blogs and came upon this post on Shibley Smiles. Colleen has lost over 40 lbs since April 2010 by simply eating better and moving more. She’s an inspiration to me, because as simple as eating better/moving more sounds…it’s a very difficult concept for me.

I was getting ready to sit down and write my regularly scheduled Tot Tuesday post, when my son asked me to dance(Pillowcase dress tutorial…I’ll post it next week!). Usually this just consists of a quick boogie around the living room with each kid getting jealous when I picked up the other to dance.

Today though, I was inspired. I picked a Dance-y type station on Pandora and cranked it up.

We danced for a good 30 minutes straight! There was no jealousy, because I wasn’t in a hurry to finish (like I normally am). While dancing, I realized that not only is the dancing in itself, exercise. You can also incorporate intention exercise into your dancing (I don’t recommend this on a public dance floor.) I incorporated:

  1. squats
  2. lunges (side and front/back)
  3. deadlifts
  4. bicep curls (I used a 27lber for this one: my daughter)
  5. aerobic moves (which is pretty much all dancing is!)
Can you even imagine a more perfect fun, free activity to do with your kids?
  • it involves exercise
  • it involves physical contact
  • lots of laughing if done right!
  • a great social experience!
  • memories that will last forever!
So next time your kids ask you to dance, don’t just waltz them for a second or two. Crank up the tunes and get your bodies moving and grooving! If it seems simple, that’s because it is. The best things in life usually are!

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