Tot Tuesday: Make a Magazine Alphabet Collage!

The other day I received a kit in the mail form BzzAgent. It was jam packed full with crafty fun scrapbooking goods.

Now, I’m not much of a scrapbooker. The majority of my family pictures are stuck in a hard drive somewhere, and the rest of them are crudely pushed into very ordinary plastic slot photo albums.

I do love to craft though! Even more, I love to turn crafting into a learning experience with my kids. I asked my son if he wanted to make an ABC poster.

My son has inherited my crafty gene so he jumped on the chance (my daughter was preparing a 3 course meal for her baby dolls and stuffed animals, so we let her sit out this one).
I laid out some newspaper, grabbed some old magazines and set out a large sheet of white paper.

We flipped through the magazines and I asked him to point out pictures of things he liked. We found a cookie, some spaghetti (which incidentally…he does NOT like), a ball, etc.
Because the scissors are scalloped edge scissors and therefore a bit sharp, I decided to do the cutting today.
Let me tell you, I’ve used scalloped scissors before and they’ve NEVER cut as smoothly as these X-Acto scissors did. Seriously smooth.

Next it was time to affix our pictures to our paper. Elmers was so kind to provide us with many different options and Noah wanted to try them all. The Glue Spots were super easy, he was able to just pull them off like stickers. The glue stick was very familiar to him since we use glue sticks all the time.
His FAVORITES though were the Permanent Tape Runner and the Glue Pen. He had a bit too much fun with the Permanent Tape Runner, but I was glad to see it was easy even at 3 1/2 for him to use on his own.

After we had taken out and glued or taped all of our pictures to our paper, it was time to write our letters on them. Noah is just starting to learn letter sounds so this required quite a bit of prompting from me…but he did know A for apple right away!
There was only one product in this kit I wasn’t that fond of. The purpose of it was to cut corners into a curve. Maybe it was user error, but I simply could not get it to work properly.

Here is our finished product:

It’s not 100% complete…I didn’t want to overwhelm him with too many letters/pictures at once. Using the supplies from my BzzAgent kit provided by Elmers and X-Acto made this project easy and extra fun!!

You can find Elmers and X-Acto products at:

I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was provided a kit of materials. This review is my honest opinion and mine only.

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2 thoughts on “Tot Tuesday: Make a Magazine Alphabet Collage!”

  1. Great idea. I got this kit too and also am not much of scrap bookers as my pictures are on my computer also. I think I will make alphabet cards or number cards. Do you mind if I share your link on my blog?

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