Tot Tuesday: No Mess Allowed Painting!

Sponge Painting

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Hello and welcome to Tot Tuesday! I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and a 21 month old girl and I’m constantly trying to find fun and frugal ways to keep them entertained! Every Tuesday I try to bring a new craft, recipe, activity or idea to Family Friendly Frugality that is tot approved!

My son asked me earlier this morning if we could paint today. We paint a lot around here and I generally don’t mind the mess. Today though…I wasn’t feeling it. I put him off for a bit, but he was insistent! So I pulled up my craft file on my computer and found a fun “mess free” painting activity.

The credit for the idea goes to Toddler Toddler; the credit for the MASTERPIECES goes to my little angels!

1. Cut up a perfectly good sponge. I cut this one into 4’s. You want them to be able to grab them easily through the bag

2. Slightly wet the sponge and wring the water out

3. Place paper in bag (cut paper to fit if you need to)

4. Dip sponge into paint and place the sponge into the bag

5. Seal the bag (get most of the air out)

She expected the paint to be on her hands!

6. Let them paint!

Noah was so proud of his painting! He says he wants to make another one when he gets up from nap. No mess painting? Sure!

Once again, credit for this craft is from Toddler Toddler. The only person who got paint on herself during this activity was ME! This one is a keeper for our family for sure!

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  1. It's so nice to see toddlers enjoying our Zippy Sponge painting activities! I love the photo of your daughter looking at her hand expecting to see paint! ha ha. Glad you and your kids enjoyed it! That's what it is all about.

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