Tot Tuesday: Salt+Food Coloring=Absorbing Artwork

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Tot Tuesday is a weekly feature where I highlight a special kids activity, frugal recipe for kids, kids tutorial, etc.

This was a LOT of fun. My 2 year old and my 4 year old both got a kick out of this fun activity. Aren’t the results really pretty? (Your kids might have steadier hands and your page won’t be as wet as ours was, but we still had so much fun watching the colors run!)

Here’s how you can make your own absorbing artwork:


  • Salt
  • Glue (you’ll need a bottle of glue, I’m not sure a glue stick would work well)
  • cardstock or other thick paper
  • a rimmed baking sheet
  • an eyedropper
  • colored water (mix 5 drops of food coloring per tablespoon of water to create colored water)


  1. Place your paper on your raised baking sheet and encourage your little one to drizzle a design with the glue
  2. Heavily coat the glued spots with salt, allow the salt glue to dry a bit and then tap off the excess.
  3. Carefully drop bits of color using the eye dropper onto the salt. The salt will absorb the colored water and as it absorbs the color will run along the glue lines.
  4. Have fun!

Inspiration from this craft comes from Disney’s Family Fun.

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3 thoughts on “Tot Tuesday: Salt+Food Coloring=Absorbing Artwork”

  1. I am always looking for fun activities to do with my 2 year old and this looks really fun! I even have everything I need to do it…except an eye dropper. I don’t suppose that there is a such thing as an eye dropper coupon…

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