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There are many sites out there that offer baby and child apparel and toys for a fraction of the retail price. Many of these sites have the deals up for a very short time and when they are out, they are out. It is a great place to still get the brands you love but without breaking your budget. You kind of have to stalk alot of these sites because if it is a REALLY good deal, it will not last long. Just bookmark all of them and make it a habit to check them daily. Be careful though, some people get sucked in and buy even if their bank account tells them not to, scared the deal won’t come around again. All deals come around again, and if it doesn’t? And you still want it? Budget to pay full price. Somethings are just worth it ;)

Deal A Day Sites for Kids

Totsy– this is an invitation only site. If you click the link it is me inviting you (full disclosure, they do credit you for referrals), so you don’t have to worry about finding a friend or family member that is a member. Most of their sales last around 3 days and they offer a big variety rather than just one product. They are also a very environmentally conscious company and plant a tree for every order!

Kids Woot!– Kids Woot! is a sister (little sister?) site to the popular Woot! It operates the same way. One deal a day and once it is gone it is gone. I’ve seen many repeat deals on this site though. They don’t often have as high end products as many of the others, but they do put up some pretty cool stuff from time to time

MamaBargains Another one deal a day site. This site has more high end stuff for 60-80% off. They often have a variety of colors and styles and you can actively see how close something is to selling out. They have a forum as well.

Baby Steals– One deal a day. This site resets at 9am MST so even if you are on the west coast you don’t have to worry about staying up late/getting up at the crack of dawn to catch the deal. Kids Steals is their sister site for the older set.

There are many many others out there. These are the most popular and the ones I have personally shopped on and can attest to their customer service and shipping.
Happy Shopping!

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