Week In Review: 3 Favorite Blog Posts Of The Week From The Blogosphere

I do a lot of hopping around throughout the week and read a lot of really great blogs. Too many to share in one post! Here were my favorite from this past week:

1. How Do You Spell Love: a great post about those little tugs on our pant legs.

2.10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween– great, practical tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween

3. Want to Write Better Blog Posts? Then Solve a Problem- I love the comment section of this post almost as much as the blog post itself

I had a busy week, so even though I typically like to highlight five blogs, these ended up being the only ones I bookmarked for some reason! I know there were some amazing blog posts this week that I missed! 

Did you write a really awesome post this week that needs to be read! That needs a bit more love? Tell me about it! Leave your link in the comments! 

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