Weight Watchers Friendly Chicken Divan

So as you know, I’m on Weight Watchers (are you sick of me talking about it yet?) and I’m searching for some staple recipes to round out my menus from week to week. I like my eating to be as thoughtless as possible, so you’ll see me testing a lot of recipes for awhile and after that it will probably die down a bit (unless you all just beg me for more, well I’d have to do it! Anything for my readers!).

The most recent obsession of mine is Gina’s Skinny Taste website. Not only do her recipes look gorgeous, they also taste amazing.

I love chicken paired with broccoli, and this recipe adds oodles of cheese (I’m sure oodles of cheese is a keyword, best bold it so all the search engine peeps can find it.)…so it sounded like a dream come true.

Gina’s Chicken Divan is divine, but next time I do think I’ll leave the wine out of it. It was too strong paired up against the swiss cheese (which isn’t a flavor that I love to be honest), so next time I’ll just use chicken broth (did you know you can substitute chicken broth for white wine in most cases? Unless you are looking to get intoxicated, in which case…chicken broth will NOT work.)

So here’s my latest weight watchers recipe in pictures. You can see the full directions and ingredient list on Skinny Taste. I made no substitutions in this one, so I don’t feel right posting the recipe here (also I like to share the link love). I do have to admit that I could not find the low fat versions of the cheeses though, so I had to adjust the points accordingly.

Chicken Divan courtesy of Skinny Taste

Lots and Lots of chopped up broccoli. Chopping up broccoli is messy.
My mother in law gave us an electric grill for Christmas. It gets a lot of work nowadays. Love those grill marks. They make even plain old chicken look delicious!
Don't have a way to measure 2 ounces of wine? Grab an old baby bottle, make your husband take a picture and sit back and wait for CPS.
While you are pouring wine into baby bottles, your daughter gets stuck in a laundry basket (of course you have to grab the camera before you help her out).
And your son flashes you those big hazel eyes and says "Can I just eat candy instead?"
Anything topped with breadcrumbs AND cheese has to be good...right?
Melty, bubbly goodness. Yum.

This recipe was awesome as is, and I definitely will be changing it up a bit next time…maybe subbing the swiss cheese for something else as well? Regardless, a hit in my book.

You can read the full recipe right here.


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    1. I couldn’t resist making Colin take a picture of that, LOL. Obviously Lizzie hasn’t had a bottle in almost a year, so this is the one I’ve been keeping around for whenever I need to measure a liquid in ounces, LOL

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