We’re finally home!!! And a grocery store run…

So having our AC go out on us taught me two things.

#1- I need to keep more on top of things. I had to wear a dirty shirt to church today because I simply didn’t have any clean clothes for myself. And since we were out of the house for almost 3 days, BEHIND doesn’t even begin to describe my laundry situation right now. In addition, when there are dishes piled up in the sink from the night before and you come home to a 90 degree house…the last thing you will do is wash those dishes. Than don’t come home for another 48 hours? Ewww. Luckily my husband had had the forethought to take out the trash before we left.

#2- I am a HOMEBODY. I like my home, I like my stuff, I like my bed. I am incredibly grateful for my MIL allowing us to stay at her home. But when I’m not in my element I am seriously a fish out of water. I put a diaper in her refrigerator. Yes…you read that right. A DIAPER. In my chaotic rush to get the kids dressed to go in the pool while making sure they didn’t run into the room that construction was going on in, and that they didn’t try and play with valuable knick knacks and jewelry, and and and and etc (read: unbabyproofed house). I somehow decided to put away some yogurt we brought with us for the kids, and in the same trip needed to throw a diaper in the trash. Only neither the yogurt or the diapers ended up in the trash. Good for the yogurt…not so good for the diaper.

We had fun playing in the pool and having our little “staycation” while our AC waited to be repaired. It’s fixed now and it’s total bliss here.

Ran out for a quick HEB trip to get some sale items and some needs (HEB is my “needs” store, which means the sales aren’t that fantastic, but if I really need something, they typically have the lowest everyday prices in my area. Plus their store brand food is TO DIE FOR).

Stocked up on a few 5 for $5 things and found my favorite Pink Lady apples on sale! Pretty good trip. Spent $45. Will run by Randall’s tomorrow to cherry pick some sale items, but won’t probably spend more than $10-$12.

Planning to make some more freezer burritos this week as well. I might make some lunch burritos as well.
To sum up this post, have you ever read this book as a child or with your kids?

“I love my house. I love my nest. In the all the world this nest is best.”

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2 thoughts on “We’re finally home!!! And a grocery store run…”

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    Even if you didn't use coupons-but you have a great clearance sale or a sale in general-that is great too!!! Share your deal-I want to see them!!! And I am sure other's would appreciate the encouragement that there are good deals out there even in these hard times.

    It should be fun to see what each and every one of you have done to save money!! Have a great week and go save some Mooolah!!!

  2. Thank you for linking up to the You Paid What?! linky party!!!

    I am hoping that it will inspire and encourage others to get out there and save:)

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