WFMW: It’s Okay To Ask For Help-Meet Katie, My New VA!

Have you noticed how quickly Family Friendly Frugality has been growing lately? Honestly, since the start of 2011…it’s kind of exploded! If you hadn’t noticed, then maybe that means you haven’t been noticing how I’ve been dropping the ball all over the place lately!

When was the last time you saw a Giveaway Winner post? (I promise, winners are still being contacted and connected with their prizes, I just haven’t had time to update the blog with the winners names!)

I’ve also slacked a bit on Make a Change Monday and Tot Tuesday posts!

I love posting deals, so I think I’ve stayed on top of those pretty well, but it’s always been my desire that Family Friendly Frugality be about so much more then deals and coupons! Between deal posting, back end moderation and keeping up with email…I’m swamped. I love it, don’t get me wrong. However, if I am going to keep the site up to my incredibly high standards AND devote the time necessary to nurture, grow and love on my family AND take care of my own needs…I need help.

Enter Katie!

Katie has been a dear friend of mine for  years. We became friends either before or during my pregnancy with my son…I honestly can’t recall! I feel like I’ve known her my whole life though. So when it came time to get some help, I went running to her. Since the I made my VERY FIRST post on Family Friendly Frugality she has been right there alongside me. When even my husband wasn’t reading, Katie was reading. Her support (especially in the beginning) kept me going and helped build this site into what it is today (whether she is aware of that or not!).

Katie is a 26 year old Christian, wife, and Registered Nurse turned stay at home mom to 2 living in rural south Georgia. She enjoys reading, blogging, running, spending time with her family, and of course, saving money!

She has her own blog called Baby Babbles, and you might have seen her on some blog hops in the past.

Since Katie lives in Georgia (we’ve actually never met face to face!), she will be working with me “virtually” hence the title Virtual Assistant.

I thought it was important to introduce her to all of you because many of you will have contact with her via email and around the site. She will be handling a lot of the work for the giveaways (including contacting winners AND making the winner posts!) and the blog hops here at Family Friendly Frugality.

I hope you’ll make her feel welcome and I hope with the addition of a new team member, Family Friendly Frugality can continue to grow and flourish!

Thank you all!

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Heather is the creator and owner of Family Friendly Frugality. She calls Texas home and is married to her best friend. With 2 children 22 months apart, she has her hands full. So full that she decided to start blogging as a hobby. That hobby blew up into a full time job. Now she's got the husband, the kids and the blog. We're not exactly sure what she was thinking, but she's too busy for us to ask. Find Me On Google +

8 thoughts on “WFMW: It’s Okay To Ask For Help-Meet Katie, My New VA!”

  1. Welcome Katie! That is great for your blog to be doing so well that you need an assistant! Congratulations 🙂

  2. Thanks for the welcome! I’m excited for the opportunity to serve as Heather’s Virtual Assistant! 🙂

  3. Welcome Katie! I just joined this blog a few weeks ago and I am addicted (follow numerous times thru out the day LOL)! I can’t wait to read your additions!
    Heather, congrats on the success! I appreciate your dedication and hard work you put into the blog!
    Let me know if I can help you in any way!

    Your awesome! I love to see success blossom!

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