Whatcha Say Wednesday?

Stash Mama has invited all of us crazy Bloggers to a link up party! Head on over and link up!

Now for my whatcha say answers!!!

1.  What is your favorite Halloween Costume, or What are you going to let your kid(s) be for Halloween this year?

I was a “Senorita” one year when I was younger. I remember the costume being really scratchy and uncomfortable, but I felt like I looked GORGEOUS. 
We are entertaining the idea of Noah and Lizzie being Dora and Diego this year. Ridiculously easy and cute!

2.  What extracurricular activities were you apart of in High School/College?

Not many unfortunately. My parents worked full time and our school was too far for them to transport me back and forth. They didn’t like me getting rides from friends so to be honest my extracurriculars were far and few between. I was in theater  in school and got to participate in a few plays. I also was the secretary of the French Club (ask me if I know how to count to 10 in French? Nope).
In college I participated in TSTA which is Texas State Teachers Association

3.  How did you come across blogging?

I have loved blog hopping for a long time. Anytime I needed a craft or a project, my first stop was typically blogs. I have kept a family blog since a bit after my son was born. When I started couponing, I got a lot of questions and I was so overwhelmed by how much information I really wanted to share with others! We’ve been making do with less for a long time now since we are a one income family. I know a lot of people struggle with how to make it work. So if I can help even a little bit, well that’s what this blog is all about. 

Thanks for the link up Stash Mama!

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3 thoughts on “Whatcha Say Wednesday?”

  1. I've never been able to convince my kids to do the group-themed Halloween costume thing, but I always try! My dream is to dress the whole family as the characters from the Wizard of Oz.

  2. Haha dora and diego sounds fun! That's so funny you say that about french, I took french for about 4 years and when I read that I was thinking I wonder if I can, and I tried, and I can out with the first three numbers french and the next three numbers in spanish haha everyone told me to take spanish too lol!
    thanks for linking up!

  3. Wizard of Oz would be awesome. Lizzie would make an adorable Dorothy!!!
    I'm pretty sure I can count to 100 in spanish. I took 1/2 a semester in 7th grade LOL.

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