White Chocolate Chunk Salted Oatmeal Cookies

Do you bake fairly often?

I love to bake (although I hate to wash dishes after baking!).

My favorite thing to bake?


I am a cookie freak.

A homemade cookie freak , that is (okay okay, I’ll totally down a sleeve of Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip cookies if you hand it to me).

I like experimenting with different cookie recipes and adding different and unique ingredients to my tried and true recipes.

Recently, Silpat sent me one of their Half Size Baking Mats to try out.

I’ve always just baked my cookies on a traditional baking sheet. I’ll admit my cookies do not cook evenly in my oven. I’ve kind of figured out how to make it work. It involves flipping the pan around midway through the baking time…taking the cookies out early and allowing them to cook a bit more on the pan and THEN transferring them to the wire rack to cool.

This often results in great tops and burnt bottom cookies.

Not cool.

I decided to give this Silpat Half Size Baking Mat a try using my White Chocolate Chunk Salted Oatmeal Cookies (say that 3 times fast!).

These cookies never cook evenly for me. I love them, but they don’t love my oven!

I baked the majority of my cookies on the Silpat Half Size Baking Mat and baked one pan just on an old baking sheet I typically use (minus the Silpat Half Size Baking Mat).

The difference is glaringly obvious.

Same oven. Same temp. Same time.

The White Chocolate Chunk Salted Oatmeal Cookies baked on the Silpat are perfectly done. Brown on top and bottom and ready to be immediately moved to the wire rack to cool (they also slid off easily…no cookies crumbled!).

The cookies on the baking sheet are both burnt AND undercooked. This is a problem!

I think the results speak for themselves…I am in LOVE with my Silpat Half Size Baking Mat!


White Chocolate Chunk Salted Oatmeal Cookies

inspired by Smitten Kitchen


  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon table salt
  • 14 tablespoons softened salted butter (I always use salted…you can use unsalted if you want since you’ll be sprinkling the cookies with sea salt)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup packed light brown sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 1/2 cups old-fashioned rolled oats
  • 6 oz of white chocolate cut into chunks (you’ll notice I didn’t have all white chocolate! SOMEONE got into the bar before I could bake with it. Hence the random semi sweet chocolate chips in this batch of cookies ;) )
  • Sea Salt for sprinkling


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Cream together the butter and sugar. Add the egg and vanilla.
  3. In a separate bowl mix the flour, baking soda and baking powder together.
  4. Slowlybeat the flour mixture into the sugar mixture.
  5. Add the oatmeal and stir it in.
  6. Add the chocolate chunks
  7. Drop the dough by the tablespoonful onto your Silpat baking mat lined pan ( ;) ).
  8. Top with a sprinkling of sea salt.
  9. Bake for 10-12 minutes.

These cookies will be crisp, chewy and a bit crunchy. That is how they should be! They are sooo tasty.




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204 thoughts on “White Chocolate Chunk Salted Oatmeal Cookies”

  1. My favorite cookie recipe is one I tried last year and thought it sounded weird but tried it anyway. It is a sugar cookie with chopped up apricots and then dipped in dark chocolate. They are amazing.

  2. Can’t get enough chocolate! So, my favorite cookie is chocolate brittle. I have been trying to perfect it….still working on it but I think it has to do with leaving out the egg yolk and spreading the brownie mix so thin that it breaks like brittle, is kinda shiny on top and has the best chips that you can find in it-zowie! Gotta go get stuff to make it…again!
    Yum, Peggy

  3. I joined the FFF group. My favorite cookie is any that my wife bakes for me!
    My job is to clean the mixing bowl & stuff by eating any mix left on them.

  4. My favorite cookie recipe is one I sort of just developed over time! It’s based on the Tollhouse recipe, then you add chopped pecans, chocolate chunks and chocolate chips, and toffee pieces to it! So great!

  5. I subscribed to email!
    I liked” the FFF page.
    I joined the FFF FB Group!
    i FOLLOWed Family Friendly Frugality on Pinterest. I’m there: blackpurrl

  6. Favorite cookie recipe is the oatmeal butterscotch drops, recipe is on the bag of butterscotch chips but may be called something else.

  7. I have mentioned Family Friendly in my post on Silpat’s page. I’m happy to have looked through the page, it has some ideas I can use.

  8. I have been a member of Family Friendly Frugality on Facebook for a while now. They have ideas on saving not only money but precious time as well.

  9. I was receiving Family Friendly updates in my Facebook news feed already. I have now subscribed to the e-mail list for more ideas.

  10. Heather, your Pinterest page is well organized – Love it. Started following today.
    I don’t use pinterest as much as some. I use it for projects I’m working on and to get ideas from others.

    1. Oh wow, thanks! Yeah I took a day awhile back and set up boards and such. I like it being a bit better organized because I always forget stuff I pin!

  11. My favorite are white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies – but I’ll have to try this recipe, they look delicious!

  12. My family loves regular chocolate chip, I love adding pecans to them….. Of course if I had to choose MY favorite it would be oatmeal chocolate chips with pecans!!!!

  13. I love my silpat!! It makes cookies even better! I have an amazing Oatmeal Toffee cookie that I love to make for my friends and family. And I “liked” silpat on FaceBook too!

  14. My favorite cookie recipe is for pepparkakor – a Swedish “spice” cookie I only make at Christmastime. Making them brings back wonderful memories of my Swedish grandmother, or Mormor, as we called her. :)

  15. I would be lying if I said I had only one favorite cookie recipe. There is not a cookie I do not like, but I will say I’m a sucker for a huge, thick, slightly undercooked chocolate chip ;)

  16. My new favorite is Yummy Slice and Bake cookies from thepioneerwoman.com
    Of course I especially love eating the dough!

  17. I personally love oatmeal raisin, but I have a Gluten-Free daughter, so lately I have been trying different recipes for her. My latest attempt was sugar cookies.

  18. My favorite cookie recipe is an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie! It’s simple and so delicious!

    Thanks for the opportunity– I’ve heard wonderful things about Silpat. I’m a newlywed and love to bake. This would be nice to use for my holiday baking!


  19. I like any cookie recipe that someone else makes- especially chocolate chip! I’m terrible at baking cookies…but maybe this cookie sheet would help me!

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