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Are you a top fan? You can learn more about becoming a Top Fan of Family Friendly Frugality below.

It comes with awesome benefits.

Like a $50 Amazon Gift Card for this weeks top fan!

And the winner is:

Jessica Foster! You are the winner of the $50 Amazon Gift Card. Please email me heather @ to claim your prize!

Next week’s prize will be $25 Paypal, so be sure you are engaging, sharing and liking Family Friendly Frugality on Facebook!

Read more about this giveaway:

Are you a fan of Family Friendly Frugality on Facebook? Do you interact with Family Friendly Frugality on Facebook?

The truth is, Facebook has changed a lot over the past few months and MANY of the FFF fans aren’t seeing updates in their feed.

This is because Facebook is ranking pages based on engagement. The more fans engage with a page, the more important Facebook thinks that page is.

You have to continuously interact with a page for Facebook to think it’s relevant to you. Otherwise, you will never see updates from that page again unless you seek them out! Many many people don’t know this and let their favorite pages slip away from their feeds.

So I need your help!

I need y’all to interact with FFF on Facebook by liking statuses (only if you really like it of course!), commenting and posting on the wall!

Of course, I’m going to throw some incentive in there as well! 

Check out the new tab on Facebook  titled “Top Fans”. Here’s a screenshot:


When you click on it, you’ll see a list of the fans that have been the most interactive on the Family Friendly Frugality Facebook page for the week!

Because Facebook does NOT allow me to contact winners via Facebook, I will post the name of the winner here on the blog.

You will have 48 hours from the time I announce the winner to email me and claim your prize.

Here are some quick rules:

1. Don’t post nonsensical comments just to increase engagement. I’ll delete anything that looks like it’s not genuine. If you don’t have anything to say…just “like” the status. I want to increase genuine interaction, not fake interaction.

2. If for some reason, I don’t get the screenshot right at 3pm CST, I reserve the right to change the time. I’ll try my best, but I have kids too! So the tentative end for this giveaway is at 3pm next Monday, but if a kid needs me or something crops up…it might not end until 5pm CST or even 7pm. When I take a screenshot, whoever is the top fan at that time is the winner.

So that’s it! Get to commenting, liking posting and sharing and let’s all show Facebook that the FFF fan page should reach more readers!

Congrats Jessica!

This week’s giveaway ends next Monday at around this same time. Good luck!

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