Works For Me Wednesday: Kid Friendly Decor-No Neat Freaks Here!

Take two steps into our home and you know kids live in here. Our décor might be accurately designed as “family oriented”. Our walls are pretty bare, décor and furniture are to an absolute minimum…toys and books and dolls abound.
I’ve never been much of an interior decorator. In fact, I’m kind of a mess when it comes to decorating (luckily this fits perfectly into my desire for frugal living!) Maybe that is why it’s easy for me to allow my house to look like Toys R Us? Or maybe it’s because the home I grew up in was very orderly and neat and I need to rebel against that? I’m not sure.  Maybe it’s just the frugal mommy in me.
No Neat Freaks Here!
In any case, our home is a kid friendly home and I’m not the least bit ashamed to admit it. I don’t look for fancy toy boxes to “blend in” to our décor. The brighter and safer, the better! Our playroom is immediately when you walk in our home. It’s pretty fancy because it actually has a chandelier in it! Of course, some might call it a dining room..but to us it’s a place for our kids to learn, create and be themselves.  That’s right we converted our dining room into a playroom.
Do the toys stay in the playroom? Of course not, and that is just fine with us. Our entire home is open to our children, and that’s exactly how we want it. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t have free range in the kitchen and because I sew (and have rotary cutters and sharp needles and pins) they aren’t allowed in our room without supervision. Otherwise, the entire house is kid friendly.
Maybe I’m Just Lazy
Now some of it might be laziness. I don’t have to worry about them knocking down expensive knick knacks or spilling juice on an expensive rug or couch. Really though, it’s just smart. Well at least in my opinion! Now if my passion was home décor, I might think differently. It is not though, so for now…our home is kid friendly and that works for us!
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One thought on “Works For Me Wednesday: Kid Friendly Decor-No Neat Freaks Here!”

  1. Our home is very much the same way. With five boys it is difficult to have pretty things hanging on the walls. We are most concerned about not breaking windows, etc. ha!

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