Works For Me Wednesday: Using an Electric Indoor Grill Year Round

electric grill

For Christmas this year, my mother in law purchased 4 big gifts. She wrapped them all, and than had each couple pick a gift sight unseen to open. We all opened our gifts and they were all kitchen related gifts. Colin and I received this massive grill/griddle from Wolfgang Puck.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep it.

  1. It was huge.
  2. My mother in law said we could trade each other and I saw another present I was interested in.
  3. Colin and I have been talking about getting a nice grill for outside for awhile.

I ended up taking it because it was winter, and a grill was a few months off anyway.

I am proud to say we made the right decision. In fact, we won’t be buying a new grill this  year (unless we get a ridiculous deal!) because this little indoor grill does all the grilling necessary for our little family!

If you are trying to make the decision between going all out and buying a full fledged grill or just buying a little countertop one…I say go with countertop. I can grill up a bunch of chicken breasts for salads and sandwiches for the week.

I can grill veggies:

I can grill steaks:

On the flat top, I can even make a full breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast all at one time! Not too shabby.

I’m happy with our indoor electric grill, it works for us!

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