YouTube Video Sunday: A Bit of Worship to Start Your Day!

Happy Sunday Friends! I hope everyone has had a terrific weekend so far and I hope you have an awesome Sunday! We’re off to church in a bit, a high point of our week!
Here’s an excellent video to pump you up for the week!
This song is probably my favorite song we sing in worship right now! Enjoy!
When things get tough, or when life gets overwhelming…this song perks me right back up and reminds me that I am NOT alone.

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Video Sunday: A Bit of Worship to Start Your Day!”

  1. Hi Heather,

    Great worship song! Did you know I also featured a Chris Tomlin worship song on my blog this week? Great minds must think alike! Stop by when you have a moment and be blessed!


    P.S. I subscribe to your newsletter. Not sure if you knew this, but the You Tube videos do NOT show up there (I discovered this when I posted mine this week!) Thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to include a link for your future vids! 🙂

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