2 days+3 grocery stores=enough juice to feed 10 baseball teams

My last few weeks of shopping trips have been kind of run in, get what’s on sale and run out. This week I saw some good stock up opportunities, so I took advantage. We are pretty well set on chicken, juice and canned fruit for awhile though. Here’s my freezer:

Jam packed with frozen veggies, homemade bread crumbs, frozen fruits and of course tons of meat. Pantry is pretty packed too

There is no way in this world that I will show you my fridge though. I don’t know what it is about the fridge, it’s always the hugest mess! Probably because EVERYONE goes into the fridge, so it’s not just me going in and out.

That kind of quantity of food in my freezer and pantry was never possible before coupons. It makes me so happy to look at it.

So now onto my shopping trips. I hit Kroger yesterday and Randalls and HEB today. It was a 3 store shopping kind of week.

Spent $63.42
Saved $24.53

I bought the sausage and the pork butt all on manager special. I needed the oil since I was totally out so I paid full price for the olive and the vegetable. Butter was on sale so I stocked up. Frozen veggies for $.88 each and the lunchmeat was 2 for $5 and I had a $1 off 2 coupon. Canned veggies were $.66 so I bought a few since we were running low on corn and carrots. Split Chicken breast was $.99  a lb so I bought 2 packages of that.

Spent $46.05
Saved $55.40

Randalls is having their $5 off 5 participating items this week. That made the capri sun only $.99 a box. So I bought 9…it has a long shelf life and it’s super easy to throw into my bag if we’re going somewhere and I need to make sure I have something for the kids to drink. Canned no sugar added mandarin oranges and peaches were $.99 each as well. Some veggie and fruit and a basil plant and some saltines (the 10th item for the multiples of 5 for $5 deal). There were also some hang tags on the lawry’s marinade making them only $1 each. The sirloin steak was super cheap only about 10 bucks for 2 enormous steaks. (not pictured a 10 lb bag of potatoes)

HEB (savings at HEB according to their receipts are NEVER accurate)
spent: $59.87
saved: $6.12

I’m sure I saved more than that. I think it was more like $15. I’m not sure why it doesn’t add up right. They had some 5 for $5 deals so I bought the kool aid, the yogurt and the corn tortillas for $1 each. The chicken breasts were on sale for $1.99 each. I know you see bread there…I HAVE been making all of our bread with my breadmaker. But my husband noticed it was starting to get a bit tedious for me. So he suggested I buy our sandwich bread and spend time making stuff I really enjoy making in the bread maker. Kind of a relief. I’m excited to make more pizza dough and bagels now!
I bought some of the HEB brand rotisserie chicken salad as well. It’s like $6 for a small tub…but I swear, i would stand outside and sing it’s praises for free if HEB didn’t kick me off their property. It’s THAT good.

Total of grocery store trips this week:
Total spent:
Total saved 
$86.05 (according to cash register receipts)

So I saved close to 50% this week. I spent more than I typically budget week to week, but there were some good stock up opportunities. Next week I’ll probably spend much less than that.
I know I’ve stopped doing the coupon matchups for Houston area grocery stores, they took hours and hours to do and to be honest, I’m not sure anyone used them. If you did, I’ll be happy to start again. Just let me know!

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Did you get any great deals this week?

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