FREE Editable Google Drive Schedule For Distance Learning!!!

Suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with Distance Learning? With one kid in elementary school and one kid in Junior High, I initially looked at all of the assignments coming in and immediately felt completely overwhelmed! My kids (the junior high one specifically) felt the same.

My kids are not used to getting a week’s worth of work and then figuring out how to pace themselves through it all on their own!

So here’s what we did…I created a quick Google Drive schedule for both kids and then sat down with them and broke things down day by day.

We do not have times on our schedule because honestly, we are not trying to mimic the regular school day here.

When they finish, they finish.

This week the workload was rather light while the school district figured out how to streamline everything, but I can already tell, next week will be more rigorous and the plan is to do more than just review old content, but also to introduce new content.

This is why I think having a plan is SO important.

I decided to share this schedule with everyone because it was honestly such a lifeline for us this week. Distance Learning was NOT stressful for us because we had it all mapped out!

I hope you can use this schedule and adapt it to your own needs!

A few tips:

  1. First, you’ll need to make a copy of this on your own google drive to edit it. You could also download it and open it in excel, but I’m not making any promises that the formatting won’t be wonky!
  2. Next, you can edit this spreadsheet however you need to! Make it work for you and your family! I just threw some random “assigments” in there so you can see what it looks like when it is all filled out.
  3. If you choose to print (I printed for both of my kids!), I have found that highlighting JUST the schedule itself and then printing “current selection” on landscape produces the best looking printed copy.

I hope this helps y’all out!

Lizzie’s Corner: Tiny Dish Soap Slime

Dish Soap Slime Recipe

Interested in making dish soap slime? Dish soap slime can mostly be made by using household ingredients. It is a very simple and inexpensive slime to create, and it is very fun to play with the result!

Say hello to Lizzie! Lizzie is my daughter and she is a very smart, fun and creative little girl. Lizzie has been wanting her own corner of the internet for awhile now, so we had the bright idea that from time to time, she could share this space with me and post some of her creations, thoughts and ideas! Please comment and share your feedback with her by commenting below (please be kind!). 

I have loved slime for a long time and today I thought I could share my ideas with others! To make this slime I took household items and mixed them together. Hope you enjoy!

Dish Soap Slime Recipe

Materials :

  • Measuring cups
  • Bowl
  • Small air tight container
  • And something to stir with.


Steps to make Dish Soap Slime:

1. Put in  1/3 of a cup of clear glue.

2. Add 1/2 of a cup of white glue.

3. Mix well

4. Add 1/3 cup of dish soap.

5. Mix well

6. Add 2 teaspoons of corn starch

7.mix well

( Optional glitter )

Notes (troubleshooting for your dish soap slime):

My slime is too stiff! Try adding a tiny bit of lotion.

My slime is to wet and watery! Add more corn starch.

If there are any other problems with your dish soap slime, please comment down below and I’ll try to help.

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Marshmallow Madness: Snowmen S’mores & Marshmallow Snowmen Candy Sticks (A How-To)

This is a repost of a very popular 2014 craft! Let me know if you make it!

Yesterday was a big BIG day for my kids! They each had a fun school Christmas Party.

That tray above had big plans. That was the before, and here are the afters:

Snowman Marshmallow S’mores

You might remember that for Halloween, I made these adorable Ghost Peep S’mores as gifts for the kid’s classmates.

So when I was searching for a great classmate gift for Christmas, and I stumbled upon my friend Stacie’s adorable Snowman Marshmallow S’mores on her blog The Amazing Mess (fabulous blog, you should check it out!), I knew I had to make them!

I’m totally going to be known as the Crazy S’more Lady at the school! 😉 (Now to brainstorm an Easter S’more gift!)

Head on over to the Amazing Mess to get this super simple gift idea.

Marshmallow Snowmen Candy Sticks

Next, I needed a centerpiece for Lizzie’s classroom. I was in charge of decorations, and since I was sick with Strep Throat all last week, I was coming down to the wire! I saw these adorable Sugar Crystal Covered Snowmen and I knew I had to make them!

They were super simple to make:


  • Light Karo Syrup
  • Clean  small paintbrush
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Candy Sticks (I got the long ones)
  • White Sparkling Sugar
  • Rolos
  • Mini Oreo Cookies
  • Fudge Frosting
  • Mini Chocolate Chips
  • Orange confetti sprinkles


  1. “Paint” the sides of each marshmallow with karo syrup and roll it around in the sparkling sugar to coat.
  2. Push 3 marshmalllows onto each Candy Stick
  3. Make a face using the mini chocolate chips (I just pushed in with the pointy side) and the orange confetti sprinkle (I had to put a bit of Karo Syrup on my sprinkle to make it stick)
  4. Take your oreos apart.
  5. Eat the side with the frosting 😉
  6. On the other side, use the fudge frosting to stick the rolo to the top and to attach the hat to the top marshmallow

After this point, I found a basket and stuck a small styrofoam block in it (just one that came in with a package). Next I stuck my candy stick Snowmen into the styrofoam and filled the bottom with mini marshmallows. I tied some ripped fabric for a pretty effect.

They were a real hit with the kids and they were pretty simple to execute!

Both of these projects were done in about an hour and a half at a frantic pace, but the results were well worth it!

What Christmas crafts have you done this year?

Easy DIY Nap Mat Tutorial

Check Out This Easy DIY Nap Mat Tutorial!

This is the best easy diy nap mat tutorial! If I can do it, anybody can! Make these adorable nap mats for your kids. FYI, I originally made these nap mats back in 2010 and they are still going strong in 2018! My kids obviously don’t use their DIY nap mats as much nowadays, but we do find uses for them.

(Originally posted in August 2010!)

My children attend a Mother’s Day Out program (that I also work at!) two days a week during the school year. Since Noah is almost 3 1/2, he has been sleeping on a nap mat at school since last year*.

Lizzie on the other hand is only 18 months, so imagine my surprise when they said she would be sleeping on a nap mat as well! While I wish her teachers all the luck in the world with that (seriously, I do. I taught this age group last year and was lucky enough to have them in cribs), I figured I might do something to help them out.

I had been wanting to make Noah a new nap mat since his wasn’t very padded and I wanted him to be more comfy. So I just made two! I mean if you are already making one…

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I loosely based the design on the tutorial here. My kids are super attached to their blankies, so I didn’t attach a minky blanket.

I also decided I didn’t like the order of the steps from pretty early on, which lead to me changing something else and something else….
That’s pretty much how I roll though when it comes to tutorials.

So this is the result!

These 2 nap mats cost me what one would have cost if I had paid someone to do it for me. The embroidery on these alone would have probably added another $8 to each mat.

Sometimes it’s worth the time and the effort to do it yourself. Not only does it save you money…look at how HAPPY those kids are! And over something I made them. Priceless!

Be sure to check out this awesome nap mat tutorial!

Update 2018 – My kids still have these nap mats. They are now 9 and 11, but we still find a reason to pull them out every once in awhile. They are still holding up just fine!

FYI, I have some other sewing tutorials housed right here on Family Friendly Frugality! Check them out!

How to Make A Peasant Dress

How to Make Basic Wide Leg Pajama/Boutique Pants

How to Sew A Ruffle Dress

How to Applique

*I shouldn’t say Noah “slept” on his nap mat. To my knowledge he did not nap ONCE last year at school. They did say he stayed quiet though….

Make Your Own Paint Recipe! Homemade Doodle Paint

Make Your Own Paint Recipe

This DIY make your own paint recipe uses ingredients you likely already have in your pantry right now! This fun paint recipe for kids is super easy to make and there are endless possibilities for your kids to create! Even better, it is technically edible paint, so even your littlest ones can experiment!

My kids love to paint! We go through a lot of paint in this house, so when I saw this super easy make your own paint recipe on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it out right away.

First off though, I had to track down some squeeze bottles. I ended up using the Wilton Cake Decorating squeeze bottles (they are super cheap on Amazon!) that I found at Michael’s. Everything else I had in my kitchen already.

Or so I thought. 

For this recipe you need equal parts salt, water and flour. 

Apparently, a little birdie in this household has misplaced or thrown out my table salt however, so I was forced to make do with Kosher salt.

I’ve never made this particular recipe before, so I’m not sure how it usually turns out if you use table salt, but the measurements used here don’t exactly work with kosher salt!

Because of this, I had to do some trial and error and ending up finding a balance that worked well for me.

So my recipe uses Kosher Salt, but head on over to Delaware County Mom’s for the recipe that uses table salt 🙂

Make Your Own Paint Recipe

Inspired by Delaware County Mom’s



1. Since I didn’t have a funnel, I used the measuring cup that came with my immersion blender to mix the paint in since it has a good spout:

2. Measure out 1/2 cup flour, 1/4 cup kosher salt, 3/4 cup water and stir together until it’s not lumpy at all. I learned the hard way that if there are any lumps…it will stop up the doodle bottle!

3. Add some food coloring or food gel to turn the paint the color you desire and mix it. I had to use a pretty decent amount of food gel to get the bright and vibrant colors I was going for!

4. Make sure the consistency is paint like. Not too thick, not too thin. Add a bit more water if it’s too thick.

5. Pour it into the clear bottle.

6. Doodle to your hearts content!

Now, kids will enjoy these but I definitely recommend supervising this activity closely, especially if your kiddos are as young as mine. Guide your children to not squeeze too tightly and to spread the paint all over the paper. It does take awhile to dry and the thicker they put it on, the longer it will take.

It’s a really fun activity though and if you can include your children in the making of the paint, it will make the experience that much more special! 

And not that you would want your kids eating it…but it’s made with all edible ingredients so it won’t hurt anyone! (my make your own play dough recipe is also edible!)

You might consider letting your kids use this paint in my “No Mess Allowed Painting” activity as well!

Let me know if you try this out! I’d love to hear your results!

The DIY Solution to Cleaning Your Grill & Making It Look Brand New!


Do you own a grill? Have the grates seen better days? Is your grill impossible to clean at this point?

If so, don’t fret!

It takes just a few common household ingredients, a bit of patience and a bit of elbow grease and your grill can look like new!

This process is simple, but you will need a few supplies:

(I recommend doing this process outside as much as possible. These grill grates can get really dirty!)

First off, you want to remove the grates from your grill.

Then you want to get off as much excess dirt as you can easily spray off. You can use a high powered hose for this part. I don’t recommend even attempting to scrub at this point.

Next, fill your large bucket with water and lay your grates in the water. Make sure you have enough water to cover your grates properly.

Now, measure out approximately 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1/4 cup of dish soap and pour it into the water.

I next used the hose to “shoot” some more water in it and stir things up. You might just stir with a long spoon if you aren’t prone to the theatrical (the bubbles the hose created were fun).

Let the grates sit. At LEAST an hour.

Now take your grates out and start scrubbing with your brillo pads! Hopefully the dirt will come off pretty easily, but you will probably have to use some elbow grease!

Now you might be done, or your grates might still look a bit worse for wear. After you get as much of the dirt off as you can,  you might want to do another soak. This time you might do it overnight.

When you are finished cleaning your grates, be sure you rinse and dry them well and put them back on your grill.

Now enjoy your “like new” grill!

If you try this, let me know if it worked by commenting below! 


Easy Crazy Hair Day – Spider Bun

This Spider Bun is probably the world’s easiest crazy hair day idea ever. Use whatever you have around the house to make it happen, but this is what we used (because it was what we had on hand):

Here are some quick and easy directions for this Spider Bun:

  1. First start with a high pony tail. Ideally it should be high enough that you can make the bun so your kiddo can sit back and the bun won’t get in their way, but my daughter hates super high pony tails, so hers is lower than ideal.
  2. Follow your bun maker instructions to make a bun.
  3. Take your cut pipe cleaners and fold the ends to make feet.
  4. Tuck the unfolded part of the pipe cleaner into the bun. Make sure none are poking your daughter’s head. She will probably let you know pretty quickly.
  5. I did not have a big black pom pom, so I twisted two black pipe cleaners together and spiraled them into a circle. I added some dabs of hot glue through the spiral to keep it together (and as you can tell from the pic, the hot glue gun was not quite hot enough so the glue shows…allow yourself more than 30 seconds in the morning to make this! haha!)
  6. Glue your googly eyes on your spider body.
  7. Using bobby pins, spear through the spider body spiral to stick the body onto the bun.
  8. Have your girl jump up and down to make sure everything stays put!

Show it off! Be sure to take a pic and upload it to the FFF Facebook page if you give this look a try!


9 Awesome Bucket List Worthy Slime Making Recipes!

Is slime making on your kiddos bucket list this summer?

If so, here are 10 different slime recipes to choose from!

Ultimate Fluffy Slime Recipe

You will need:

Crystal Clear Slime! 

You will need:

Emoji Slime Jar 

You will need (all supplies available on Michael’s web site):

Birthday Cake Confetti Slime!

You will need:

Unicorn Poop Slime

You will need:

Kinetic Slime

You will need:

Galaxy Slime

You will need:

Fluffy Sand Slime

You will need:

Edible Laffy Taffy Slime

You will need:

How To Get Rid Of Lice (And How To Prevent Lice)

How to get rid of lice! 

Learn how to get rid of lice with this super easy at home diy treatment! This easy removal remedy for lice (doesn’t your head itch just reading that word?!) primarily includes products that you already have in your house! Plus, tips for lice prevention. 

I have never had lice in my whole life and assumed it was not something I would ever have to worry about with my own children.

I was wrong!

One summer, we had a brief encounter with some head lice. Ugh, it was not fun, but thankfully, we were able to get rid of it fairly quickly.

You might be worried this is going to be super expensive and if you are already on a budget, this might be adding to your stress. Don’t worry! This is a super low cost and EFFECTIVE way for treating and preventing lice. 

Here’s what we did: 

How to get rid of lice! 

  1. Coated hair with mayo (full fat!) and piled it all on her head. Covered with a shower cap for 8+ hours. (yes…gross, but I think this step was KEY!)
  2. Washed out mayo with blue dawn
  3. Followed up immediately with Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit treatment. Nit combed (using the AWESOME comb in the kit) until I couldn’t get anything else out anymore (she has long/thick hair…it easily took over an hour!)
  4. Nit combed DAILY for the first week. I used this super cheap Suave conditioner to make it easier. I used gobs of it! It wasn’t really seeing anything, but I wanted to be safe!
  5. Repeated the Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit treatment a week later (even though there were no lice left after the first treatment…I wanted to be sure we didn’t miss any eggs!).

In addition, we washed ALL beddings and linens on high heat and put all stuffed animals in garage jail for 2 weeks.

(Edited to add: We also blow dried her hair and straightened it with a flat iron every day for a week! They don’t like heat!)

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How To Prevent Lice

Recently, we received word that there is a lice breakout at the kids school. To make sure we don’t have to deal with this again, I’ve been using the Fairy Tales Repel Conditioning Spray that comes in this kit (plus pulling my daughter’s hair back and spraying copious amounts of hairspray in her hair) on both of my kids each morning.

I have heard that you can also add a few drops of tea tree oil to your child’s regular shampoo. This tea tree oil is perfect for this purpose. 

Remember, the myth that lice like dirty hair is SO completely wrong! They LOVE squeaky clean hair! So if there is a lice outbreak at your child’s school, make sure you pull their hair back and then at the VERY least, coat their hair with hair spray!

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Sharing is Caring…But Don’t Share Lice! 

Finally, be HONEST about it. There is such a stigma attached to head lice, but that’s actually probably why it spreads so easily.

Nobody wants to talk about it!

We were lucky that our incident occurred over the summer, so we were able to just stay home and away from others while we treated.

However, if your child needs to go to school, be sure to let the school nurse know so he/she can be vigilant and stop the outbreak from rounding back again at some point! (and follow your school/district’s policy regarding returning to school after lice treatment)


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