About Me

Hi! My name is Heather and clearly I have a passion for savings. I started shopping with strategy a few months ago and very quickly became amazed at my savings. How with just a little planning, a little compromise and a LOT of passion I could save my family over 50% a month on all of our basic (and not so basic!) needs. Most of the time I can save us anywhere from 75%-90%. I am unwilling to compromise on a few things though, I will not buy junk and I will not let the coupons rule my spending.
Coupons are a marketing tool designed to get you to go out and buy a product even though you normally wouldn’t. Have you ever had the desire to save money, bought the sunday paper, cut out the coupons (observing that most of them were for junk food of course) and went to the store determined to save money, when you realized that even with a coupon…the store brand is the better deal? I know I did. The thing is, there is a time and a place for coupons, and it’s generally not the week they come in the paper. With this blog I hope to teach others what I have learned and pass on A Passion for Savings!

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