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Ask the Readers: When to Spend More for Quality

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I was recently chatting with a friend of mine about Mother’s Day. It’s coming up soon, and she was wondering what I was going to ask for. To be honest, I don’t often think about asking for gifts. My husband is pretty good with coming up with ideas on his own, and I enjoy being surprised!

It planted a little birdie in my head though, and I started to browse around online to see what might catch my eye. I’ve always wanted a pretty music box or limoges box, something of really good quality so I could pass them down to my daughter one day. However, I see the price tag on such nice things and my frugal nature immediately shuts down the idea!

I admit it, I probably forsake quality more often than I should in favor of a lower price tag. Clothing is one area where I tend to scrimp and regret later. Sometimes it’s tough to know where to spend and where to save.

My husband is good about knowing when we need to spend a bit more on something, so I frequently run things by him. I know I rarely regret a well researched purchase decision where we spent more than we could have, but acquired a product that would last as a long time.

Some examples:

  • My Kitchen Aid: Kitchen Aid’s are work horses! I know with good care and upkeep my Kitchen Aid has the potential to be passed down to my children!
  • Our television: We enjoy watching TV, so when we purchased our TV we didn’t go with the cheapest model. It’s most certainly not the most expensive model but it costs more then some other brands because it is higher quality.
  • Our mattress: We sleep on our mattress for around 8 hours every night! Buying a good quality mattress was important to us, especially since my husband has some back issues.

What do you spend more money on? What makes you spend more for quality? Is it hard for you to spend more? Talk to me in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: When to Spend More for Quality”

  1. We definitely spent more/researched more on almost all of our electronics. T.V., laptop, desktop, phones, etc. We also spent a good amount on our mattress but it was WORTH it! We still love it and it’s been 4 years. So almost anything we know is going to cost a lot, we’re willing to spend a little bit more to get a longer lasting version. I go frugal on clothes too, but do like to invest in at least two good pairs of jeans. I need them to last me longer than a few months. I go cheap on shoes… I should probably spend a little bit more on something I’m going to walk in a lot but I can’t throw out $100 bucks for some tennis shoes.

    1. Yeah, we don’t go cheap on technology either. I think that’s mainly because that is my husband’s area of expertise!

      Jeans are the ONE clothing item that I buy higher quality, although I typically get really great deals on Lane Bryant jeans!

      I’m guilty of buying low quality shoes too! My poor feet!

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