Grocery Shopping-Spent $83.70 At Randall’s Saved $42.25

I did NOT want to go grocery shopping tonight. I needed to, and I did, but I did it kicking and screaming. My caffeine today consisted of the worst cup of coffee in the world that I had to chase down with an entire can of Sprite. It got me through work, but I crashed the moment I got home.

I went, and I did okay. Not as well as I could have done if I was really into it. $11 of my total cost was apples. Yes that’s right. Honeycrisp apples. My husband came home kind of grumpy because he had a stressful week, so I got him a ton of his favorite apples to cheer him up.

The lunchmeat, water and go-gurt I was able to use a manufacturer coupon along with a store coupon. The chips  were kind of an impulse buy. They were $1.99 a bag and they just kind of walked into my cart all on their own.

Spent: $83.70
Saved: $42.25 or 34%

This is just Randall’s this week. Kroger and HEB were not even worth a trip this week. I hope next week is a bit more exciting!

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One thought on “Grocery Shopping-Spent $83.70 At Randall’s Saved $42.25”

  1. It's always nice to save some money… every little bit counts.
    Thanks hun for stopping by my blog and participating in the Spicy Weekend Blog Hop! Have a great weekend and hope to see you hopping with us again next week.
    All the best,

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