Ten Tips for Enjoying Walt Disney World Over Spring Break

Are you looking forward to Spring Break?  Have you decided to visit Walt Disney World, or maybe enjoy Disney Cruise for some family time?  If not, it’s not too late to plan a trip to Walt Disney World over Spring Break….but it may take a bit of planning.  Aside from Christmas and Easter, Spring Break is one of the busiest times at Walt Disney World.  Besides the obvious that schools are out for a week, many people from the Midwest and Northern parts of the United States are tired of being cold, under snow, and ready for some sun! I’m excited to share with you Ten Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World over Spring Break.

1.  Arrive at the parks before they open.  This in “Disney” language is known as Rope Drop.  Arriving at the parks about 45 minutes before they open is key.  In the first hour you are in the parks, you can enjoy a lot of great attractions!  Concentrate on one area of the park at a time as well.  This will save you a lot of time running from one attraction at one end of the park to another!

2. Schedule your FastPass Plus times for later in the afternoon or evening.  If you can follow the first step, and arrive at Rope Drop, your day will be off to a great start!  And you can relax, knowing you have some FastPass Plus return times to look forward to while others are waiting in lines in the afternoon!

3.  Make your ADRs for “off” meal times.  Plan on enjoying many attractions during the prime dinner and lunch times.  Then, you can take a break from the heat of the day while you enjoy a nice meal and character interaction after getting in several attractions in the morning and while everyone else is eating!

4.  Plan on taking a break from the parks.  If you made it to park opening in the morning, chances are shortly after lunch, you and your kids will be ready for a rest.  This is the perfect time to return to your resort and recharge during the afternoon.  Then, you can return to the park in the evening for some more fun.

5.  Visit the popular attractions during parades and fireworks shows.  I’m not saying to miss out on the parades.  But, I can also tell you from experience, that being in Fantasyland or Tomorrowland during the 3PM parade is fabulous!  The wait times are low since the majority of the crowds are hanging out along the parade route!

6.  Watch Wishes from outside the Magic Kingdom.  Everyone knows the little known secrets of watching Wishes from the beach at the Polynesian or the boat dock at the Grand Floridian.  Perfect!  Why?  Well, they pipe the soundtrack to these areas, so you aren’t missing out on the magic of the narration and the crowds are low.

7.  Choose a counter service location with ample seating.  This will cut down on your waits, and you’ll easily find a place to sit.  Also, if possible, have one adult get the meals while the other sits with the kids.  Perfect!  Cosmic Ray’s at Magic Kingdom, Sunshine Seasons at EPCOT, and ABC Commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios come to mind as great examples.

8.  Consider buying park hoppers instead of base tickets.  There are some wonderful benefits to Park Hopper tickets, and during peak travel times park hoppers will be worth it.  With it being a more crowded time in general, it’s a good idea to have the flexibility to go from park to park.

9.  Be patient with your family and with others.  If there is one crucial thing to pack for a Spring Break trip to Disney, it is your patience.    Be patient and be prepared for others to “be in your way”.  Also, your children will need a little extra patience from you.  Waiting in line is difficult.  Be sure to have bubbles, gum, snacks, and maybe even some portable gaming systems.

10.  Visit the park that does NOT have Extra Magic Hours.  Why?  Because EMH are a privilege that come with staying in a Disney resort.  That means that the majority of on site guests will be at THAT park on that day.  So head to a different one, at least in the morning.  Evening EMH are a bit different of a story. Our family has found, personally, the crowds are fairly manageable in the late evening.  This is of course after our family has returned to our resort for a mid day break and relaxed.

Are you ready to plan your spring break trip to Walt Disney World?  There is currently a new special offer on rooms, and enjoy an extra FREE day in the parks!  Contact Carrie at carrie@destinationsinflorida.com for more information!  When you book your trip with Carrie, you receive free itinerary planning, helpful hints, and more~all for FREE!  Request your quote today, and get your family memories underway!

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