10 Things I’ve Learned About Buying Work Clothes on a Budget

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I have to admit, one of the best things about working from home is that I don’t actually have to get dressed for work. I can work in my PJ’s or in an evening gown and no one cares! However, I know not everyone has the luxury of working from home and finding day to day office or job attire can be expensive!

There was a time when I did work in an office setting and I was on an incredibly tight budget. Here are 10 things I learned about buying clothing for work on a budget:

  1. Quality matters. Don’t buy the cheapest clothing just because you think you are being frugal. It’s not that cheap if you have to replace it just a few months down the road because it faded, frayed or lost it’s shape.
  2. Quantity does not matter as much. Buying higher quality clothing means that you will be spending a bit more out of pocket. To offset those costs, buy pieces that are high quality but easily mix and matchable. In addition, steer clear of trendy pieces and be sure to go for more timeless styles.
  3. When buying shoes, think practical. You don’t need 4 inch heels for an office job. Buy shoes that are comfortable and affordable and buy them in just a few easily mix and matchable colors.
  4. Take good care of your clothing. If it needs to be dry cleaned, dry clean it. If it needs to be cold washed, wash it in cold water. The better care you take of your clothing, the longer it will last.
  5. On the other hand, try to avoid buying clothing that has the potential to cost a lot in upkeep. Wrinkle free or fade resistant are great things to look for.
  6. Dress for comfort first, appearances later. If you purchase clothing that looks good but doesn’t feel good, you won’t wear it. I can’t tell you how many outfits I purchased that looked great, but weren’t really realistic for sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours!
  7. Shop secondhand. People grow out of their work clothes all the time, and hopefully they’ve taken good care of it. Visit your local thrift store or consignment shop and scour the racks every once in awhile.
  8. Watch sales at your favorite stores and stock up when the price is right. If there is a specific store you love to buy slacks from, go ahead and purchase a few pairs when they go on sale. This insures that you won’t have to pay full price if something happens to your favorite pants and you need a new pair ASAP!
  9. For those that wear uniforms, be sure to check online to find discounts. You can get scrubs for nursing, Woman scrub tops, coveralls, lab coats and more if you just search online. Much cheaper than buying from the pricey catalogs typically circulated around the workplace!
  10. Use accessories to punch things up a bit. It can get boring wearing the same thing day to day. You might get sick of your wardrobe and feel the shopping bug start to bite! Instead purchase a variety of accessories to change things up from time to time.

What do you do to spend less on your work attire? I’d love to hear some more suggestions!

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