Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes: How To Save Money and How To Make Money

Baby Clothes

Aww, you had a baby! Chances are, your friends and family bought you tons of baby clothes and showered you with hand me downs. At some point though, you’ll have to buy baby clothes yourself.

Here are my tips on how to save money on baby clothes and yes, even how to MAKE money on baby clothes!

How to Save Money on Baby Clothes

Tip #1: Remember, they are in these clothes for an instant! Most babies grow out of their clothes faster than you can wash them! (well okay, maybe not that fast…unless you are like me and super behind on laundry). When you keep this very first and MOST IMPORTANT tip in mind, it will put it all into perspective.

Tip #2: If baby is at home, baby clothes should consist of a onesie (short or long sleeve depending on the temperature) and some pants/shorts/socks. Keep the cute clothes for when you are running around town. This cuts down on the cute clothes you have to buy and also keeps the nice clothes looking nice.

Tip #3: Invest in a good stain remover. I’ve always used shout, but a friend of mine recently introduced me to Dreft stain remover which is awesome! I don’t actually recommend Dreft detergent (it’s just marketing…any free and clear detergent will do just fine for baby clothes), but the stain remover is comparable to any other stain remover out there and works great!

Tip #4: Consignment shops and thrift shops. Make them your BEST friend. Shop there and shop there often! Fill in the blanks in your little ones wardrobe at Walmart and Target and focus on finding the cute stuff secondhand. Baby clothes are in abundance down at your local consignment shop, I promise! My kids dressed in name brand clothing all the time when they were babies and I paid pennies for it.

Tip #5: Accept hand me downs! NO, you are not too good for that bag of clothes your friend wants to drop off for you to sift through! Hand me downs are awesome and you might not like everything but you will like SOMETHING!

How to Make Money on Baby Clothes

Tip #1: Remember when I said to make consignment shops your best friend? Sell the clothes your child has grown out of! Use your credit to buy more clothes in bigger sizes! Rinse and repeat!

Tip #2: Keep your baby clothes in good condition so they will resale for a higher price.

Tip #3: Sell your baby clothes yourself on Ebay, Craigslist or in a garage sale. You’ll get more money when you sell yourself, but you also have to deal with the hassle of selling on your own (unlike a consignment store which does it for you, BUT you share in the profit).

Tip #4: Don’t buy ALL your baby clothes on the cheap. You know baby is going to need some pretty dresses or boys dress clothes, you might as well spend a bit more so you have something worth reselling after he/she grows out of it.

Tip #5: Rather than reselling, get in a group with some friends and swap clothes! This is fun and frugal.

Baby clothes don’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Learn more about baby clothes today! 

How do you save on baby clothes? Comment below!

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  1. Awesome tips! What I usually do, I go by a rule of if its a play shirt cant be more than $3, Blouse $5-6, Pants $5-7 depending of fabric and shoes no more than $12, Winter coats $9-10. How, you might ask….we always shop in bulk when major sales are going on at Babies r US, Childrens Place, Ruum, Macy’s, Sears, Kids Footlocker, and Burlingtons Coat factory. My Children are now 3 and 2 and I havent broken my rule yet….while maybe a few times for a special occassion outfit. Hope this helps. Major sales are usually Jan, Mar, Jun, and Oct

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