Stuffed Baked (Mini) Potatoes

Stuffed Mini Baked Potatoes

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Let’s just be honest here. I’m not a huge football fan (and yes, I do live in Texas. Shame on me!). However, I love the Superbowl! Well, I love the food and I enjoy the commercials at least.

This week, I’ll have one Superbowl friendly recipe each day leading up to the big game. Bookmark any you’d like to make (might I recommend Pinterest?) and let me know how game day goes for you!

Yesterday I posted a yummy recipe for Game Day Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Nachos.

Today we’re making stuffed baked potatoes!

Stuffed baked potatoes (although time consuming) are my 2nd favorite way to eat potatoes. However, they can really can end up becoming a meal all on their own. Since game day is all about snacking, I decided I wanted to make tiny stuffed baked potatoes!

I found this recipe for mini stuffed potato bites one day while browsing Pinterest and I decided to test them out. Needed to be sure they were game day worthy!

The Verdict? 

They totally are! 

Now I’m not going to lie. Scooping out tiny potatoes is kind of a pain. Flavors by Four uses a melon baller, but per usual in the FFF kitchen, that kitchen gadget has apparently taken a walk (did I ever even have one?).

This was crazy simple and only required 5 ingredients. 

Small red potatoes that you cook until soft (about 40 minutes) and scoop out the insides. Keep in mind these won’t have a tough outer skin so you should definitely leave a bit of potato to create the shell for the filling.

Then you just combine some mayo, cheese, crumbled bacon, salt & pepper and throw them into the oven to brown a bit!

Super tasty!

I added chopped green onions over the top of the finished product, but the original blogger actually added them to the mix.

For exact measurements, head on over to Flavors by Four for the recipe.

This one’s a keeper! (especially when you dip the potatoes in a bit of sour cream!)


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