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The Challenge

For the next month I will be challenging myself to stick to a meal plan. I have been in such an incredible rut lately when it comes to dinners! Honestly, it’s ridiculous. I come home with tons of food for next to nothing and yet still, I stare into my pantry as if there is nothing there.

I finally came to the realization that I just needed someone to tell me what to do! I had read about E-Mealz on another blog once before and it was given pretty good reviews. So I contacted the company and asked if I could review a meal plan and (because I’m always thinking of my lovely readers!) give away a meal plan to one of my wonderful readers.

Not only did they say yes, they are letting me try out an entire month worth of meal plans. In addition, at the end of this month, when I give my final review of the plan…I will be giving away a THREE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to E-Mealz for one very lucky winner!

Read about Week 1 here.

Week 2:

Grocery Shopping at Kroger

Let me preface this weeks grocery shopping trip with this sad sad fact: we were running low on just about EVERYTHING before I grocery shopped tonight. This is a big rarity in this household since I started shopping with coupons. I’ve been busy, the sales have been underwhelming, and I just hadn’t done a good stock up trip!

Today I went in with my E-Mealz list and a list of staples we badly needed. I had much more luck with my E-Mealz list this week, I found everything I needed. Sale prices were different, but there was only one thing that was remarkably more expensive. I knew going into this challenge that the Kroger list I chose was not based off of Kroger sales in my region, so it’s not something I am faulting E-Mealz about at all. For the most part, things are pretty similar though.

How much did you save?

This was a pretty high grocery bill this week, but I was low on a lot of things so I feel good about it!

Total Spent: $118.99
Total Saved $33.97

I’m going to try to keep my opinions on the meal plan to myself until I do my final review at the end of the month. Based on week 1’s menu though…things are headed in a positive direction!

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