$1 Off Mars Celebrations Printable Coupon – The Champagne Bottle FILLED With Mars Candy! #HEBCELEBRATIONS

“This post is sponsored by Savings.com”It is the holiday season, which means it is time for parties and festive fun with friends and family!

If you are looking for a unique and fun hostess gift, check these out!

Mars Celebrations! The perfect hostess gift for an upcoming holiday party!

It’s a champagne bottle filled with Mars Chocolate! No need to show up for New Year’s or Holiday’s with champagne, just bring Mars Chocolate and everyone at the party can enjoy the gift!

  • 10.9oz bottle filled with assorted MARS Chocolate Candies

  • Filled with DOVE, BOUNTY, TWIX, SNICKERS and MILKY WAY Candies

  • Variety mix with novelty champagne bottle packaging

  • Ideal for holidays, New Year’s Eve and special events

Even better, you can currently grab a $1 off Mars Celebrations printable coupon redeemable at HEB! (find an HEB near you)

Be sure to print this Mars Celebrations coupon right away. High value coupons tend to hit print limits quickly and you definitely don’t want to let this great discount offer pass you by!

In addition (or if you don’t have access to a printer!), you will also find a coupon in the upcoming Valpak envelope (you know, that awesome coupon filled envelope you get in the mail every once in awhile!).

I think this would be a great offering to bring to a New Years Eve party, especially if your family has a lot of little ones. You can be the candy queen/king! Or…just grab one of these adorable Mars Celebrations bottles and settle in for some holiday Hallmark movies…no judgement from me! Either way, this is a treat that looks just as fun as it tastes. Don’t miss out!

Don’t forget to print out the above $1 off coupon (or grab the one in your Valpak envelope!) and redeem it at your local HEB!

$1 Off Trident VIBES Gum at HEB Printable Coupon! #TridentVIBESatHEB #feelthevibes

“This post is sponsored by Savings.com”

I have been trying to avoid sugar for awhile now (have you checked out my low carb recipes?) and one of the ways I find I have more success is when I chew sugar free gum! 

Trident has a NEW sugar free gum called Trident VIBES gum! You can find Trident VIBES gum at HEB and they even currently are offering a $1 off coupon (this is for the 40 Ct size!) that you can print below: 

About Trident VIBES: 

With us, it’s all about the good vibes. Making the most of life. Taking every opportunity. Breaking all the boundaries. And having a good time while doing it all. We live for those spine-tingling eye-opening, mouth-watering moments.

That’s why we’ve made Trident Vibes, a deliciously refreshing gum that adds a little oomph to your day. Wrapped in a light, crispy coating with a soft, chewy centre, it continues to release extra pops of flavor as you chew. The gum that keeps on giving.


  • Tropical Beat: Imagine the tropical remix of your favorite song. Now imagine that in your mouth.
  • Ooh La Lemon: Say bonjour to your zesty, sweet, new best friend!
  • Spearmint Rush: It’s basically like riding a fancy, green sports car over a minty Niagra Falls.

In addition, you will also find a coupon in the upcoming Valpak envelope! 

Don’t forget to print out the above $1 off coupon and redeem it at your local HEB! 

Try MALTESERS® FREE When You Purchase A M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies Theater Box #MaltesersAtHEB

“This post is sponsored by Savings.com”

Who is in the mood for CANDY?!

Right now, HEB is offering a GREAT coupon! When you buy a Theater Box of M&M’s (you know those awesome single serving, YES SINGLE SERVING..DON’T TRY TO CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE, boxes of M&M’s that come in an easy to pour into your mouth box?) you can also get a FREE Theater Box of Maltesers!

Never heard of Maltesers? Well, admittedly, I had never heard of them either! 

MALTESERS®, has been a UK favorite for 80+ years, and is now in the USA! MALTESERS® feature a crispy, airy center, wrapped in smooth, mouth-watering, chocolatey delight.

Here is your chance to try them, for FREE! Yes please! 

Just head over to your local HEB and go ahead and print the below coupon: BOGO when you buy (1) M&M’S® Brand Chocolate Candies Theater Box (3 – 3.1 oz.) get a FREE MALTESERS® (2.83 oz.)

In addition, later this month, you will also be receiving a Valpak envelope that will also offer you savings on  MALTESERS® !

Go ahead and give them a try and let me know what you think! 

Do you want to learn how to save more money so you have more money to spend on your wants? Maybe you just want to save more money to finally build up a safety net, or emergency fund! Let me teach you how you can give yourself a raise today

HEB Shoppers – $1 Off 2 DOVE® Promises® Stand-Up Packs Printable Coupon! #DoveForMothersDay

This post is sponsored by Savings.com

Wow! Guess what is coming up THIS Sunday?! Mother’s Day is on May 13th and if you don’t have a gift for mom yet, you are running short on time!

Right now, HEB Shoppers can save $1 on two (2) DOVE® Promises® Stand-Up Packs (7.61-15.81 oz.) with this printable coupon:

If mom loves chocolate, she will love DOVE® Promises® Chocolate. My favorite is the DOVE® PROMISES® Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate and the DOVE® PROMISES® Silky Smooth Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate. The chocolate is silky smooth and the flavor is full and fabulous!

In addition, if you have the BEST mom, submit your story to RaisedMeToCare.com and share a story about how your mother inspired you to put pleasure first in life for a chance to win a Dove chocolate prize pack!

FYI, check out your most recent Valpak envelope (that blue envelope filled with coupons that comes in everyone’s mailbox!) to get an additional $1.00 off Dove coupon.

Valentine’s Day Meal with the Family and HEB!

Valentine’s Day. Once upon a time it meant dinner reservations, fancy clothes, flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.

Nowadays, it means classroom party hopping from school to school. Staying up late the night before finishing up goody bags for classmates. Hunting for the perfect outfit for my children while throwing some jeans and a t-shirt (is this clean? I’ll throw on a necklace and no one will see the stain) on myself before we rush out the door to school.

I wouldn’t trade any of it for a single second.

Yesterday was wild. I woke up at the crack of dawn and after my normal routine of dozing on the couch and reading my daily devotionals, followed by scheduling out the day here on Family Friendly Frugality,  I was off on a Valentine’s Adventure that had me go go going until the kids were in bed later that night!

We started the day pretty typically. Breakfast was cereal for Noah and toast for Lizzie (and eggs she didn’t eat but absolutely insisted upon). They had a special surprise when they came out for breakfast though, I bought each of them a sweet stuffed Valentine’s Day puppy and had it waiting on the breakfast table for them.

Then it was time to drop off my son. We grabbed a quick picture of my kiddos in their Valentine’s Day best and then headed off (pictured above)

After dropping my son off, my daughter and I ran into HEB to grab what I needed for the special Valentine’s Day dinner I was planning for my husband that evening. I also grabbed a few last minute bags of candy to finish off the goody bags for my daughter’s class.

HEB is my go to grocery store because I can run in and purchase HEB products for a fraction of the cost of other grocery stores. The best part is, the “generic” (which you can hardly call HEB brand products generic!) HEB products are pretty consistently as good if not BETTER than their name brand competitors! I know I’m getting the best possible price and quality when I shop HEB.

We purchased:

  • HEB Bagged Salad
  • Ground Beef
  • Ground Pork
  • Tortellini
  • Heavy Cream
  • HEB Fresh Mozzarella balls
  • Some canned tomatoes
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries (HEB makes the BEST!)
  • Cake mix and fixings (eggs, frosting, decorations, etc)
  • HEB Creamy Creations Ice Cream
  • Candy

I only have about 40 minutes between dropping kids off, so I was glad that we were able to get in and get out of HEB within 20 minutes. We rushed home to finish up some last minute things before dropping Lizzie off.

Once I got her dropped off, I came home and sat for about 30 minutes before heading back up to Noah’s school.

Where he had Jump Rope for Heart.

As his room mom, I had to duck out early to set up his Valentine’s Day Class Party (which was an awesome success!).

When that was done I had to rush over to Lizzie’s party at her school. Thankfully hers wasn’t a big party so I just had to show up (I’m not sure I could have done more than that at this point!).

Lizzie and I got home and I started on dinner and dessert!

I made a round 8 ” cake and cut it into a heart shape. Then I decorated it with frosting, and some decorating frosting I got at HEB.

We ran to pick Noah up and I started on the meat sauce for dinner and the meatballs (they are stuffed with mozzarella balls. They are ridiculous. Recipes for the meat sauce and the meatballs will be going up within the next week or two!).

My husband came home with flowers, a new charm for my Pandora bracelet and some treats for the kiddos.

When we finally sat down to eat dinner, my heart was so full. It was such a fabulous day!

I want to thank HEB for helping me get my present to my family on the table. It was a mixture of from scratch foods and quick prepared items that made the dinner feasible on such a busy day and that’s why I just love HEB! Whether you want to make it for scratch, or you want to just heat and eat…they have it!

We had a fabulous day!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Comment below and let us know!

Disclaimer: HEB provided me with a $50 gift card. All opinions are my own. We love HEB!

HEB: Print $.75 Off Pampers Wipes Coupon to Stack w/ Sale and Promotion

This week at HEB you can get Pampers Wipes 64ct for $1.22 after you use the $.75 off printable coupon.

This item qualifies for the buy $30 in P&G products and get $10 off a future purchase (limit 1 per day).

Print the $.75 off Pampers Wipes coupon here. 

These wipes are a great donation item if you don’t personally need to use them.

This is a sale going on currently in the Houston TX region so YMMV.


How to Use Store Ads to Save Money Grocery Shopping

I shop at multiple grocery stores. Most weeks I try to keep it to two, but some weeks the sales are so good (or so bad!) that I go to all 3 in my area (this does not include drugstore game trips).

So how in the world do I decide WHERE to buy WHAT?

I will walk you through the anatomy of my grocery list here step by step.

1. It starts with store ads. My ads come on Wednesday. Which makes Wednesday a very exciting day for me (no that’s not sarcasm…I love this stuff!). My ads come later in the afternoon unfortunately, but if I have the heads up that a great promotion is coming I might stop off and grab the ads right at the store while I’m out running morning errands with the kids (I REALLY try not to do this. I have to get them both out of their car seats, they INSIST on the car cart, etc…).

2. I lay the ads out in front of me and I grab a black marker. The very first thing I do is look at the front pages of all 3 of my grocery stores (I tend to shop at HEB, Kroger and Randall’s). On the front page is where any big store promotions will be announced and also where their “loss leaders” are advertised (these are items that are marked down so much that the store is actually taking a loss when they sell it to you for that price. The hope is that THAT gets you in the door and you pay full price for everything else on your list. WE are not going to do that ;) )

3. I circle in big black marker anything we need that is on the front page, and if the stores have the same item on sale I compare who is marked cheaper.

4. Next I move into the inside of the ads. Be cautious here. Just because it is advertised doesn’t mean it is a great deal. Go back and forth between all of your ads and compare prices, quantities and if the item is part of a promotion…what you need to do to fulfill the obligations and obtain the sale price (for instance, if it is a buy 10 participating items get $5 back promotion, make sure there are 10 items that you actually need and you won’t just be spending money to “save” money)

5. Now it’s judgment call time. I look at which ads have the most things circled and I try to evaluate whether the ad or ads that don’t have as much circled are really worth the gas and time to make a trip. If it’s just one or two items and the sale isn’t THAT great. I’ll save myself the stress and toss that ad for the week. Some weeks all 3 have an abundance of greatness that I just cannot pass up. Some weeks the sales are so dismal that I have to decide to suck it up and just go to one store and not save much, or just go grab the few deals available at each store. This step is pretty personal and depends on your time constraints for the week, your fund availability, etc. If I have several “need” items that I know I typically have to pay full price for I make sure HEB is included in my weekly trips for the week since that is my “everyday” low price store (for more on why the everyday low price store isn’t always the store you should be shopping at, read my article on How To Save Money Grocery Shopping)

6. Once I have everything that looks good circled, I pull out my coupon binder and my computer. I flip through and see if I have any coupons for any of the products on my ads. Even the ones that aren’t circled by me sometimes have a coupon that make it a circle-able deal. Afterwards I head on over to my computer to see if there are any printable coupons available in my Coupon Database.

7. So now that I have my sale items, and I have my coupons…I make sure I have my “needs” lists (milk, eggs, fruit, etc. The perishables I always have to buy weekly) and I’m ready to go!

For more info on how to save money grocery shopping, how to use coupons and how I organize my coupons, check out these links:

How To Save Money Grocery Shopping

How to Play the Drugstore Game

Coupon Organization

A quick example on why it pays to compare ads:

Wish I had more freezer space!


How do you make your grocery lists?

We’re finally home!!! And a grocery store run…

So having our AC go out on us taught me two things.

#1- I need to keep more on top of things. I had to wear a dirty shirt to church today because I simply didn’t have any clean clothes for myself. And since we were out of the house for almost 3 days, BEHIND doesn’t even begin to describe my laundry situation right now. In addition, when there are dishes piled up in the sink from the night before and you come home to a 90 degree house…the last thing you will do is wash those dishes. Than don’t come home for another 48 hours? Ewww. Luckily my husband had had the forethought to take out the trash before we left.

#2- I am a HOMEBODY. I like my home, I like my stuff, I like my bed. I am incredibly grateful for my MIL allowing us to stay at her home. But when I’m not in my element I am seriously a fish out of water. I put a diaper in her refrigerator. Yes…you read that right. A DIAPER. In my chaotic rush to get the kids dressed to go in the pool while making sure they didn’t run into the room that construction was going on in, and that they didn’t try and play with valuable knick knacks and jewelry, and and and and etc (read: unbabyproofed house). I somehow decided to put away some yogurt we brought with us for the kids, and in the same trip needed to throw a diaper in the trash. Only neither the yogurt or the diapers ended up in the trash. Good for the yogurt…not so good for the diaper.

We had fun playing in the pool and having our little “staycation” while our AC waited to be repaired. It’s fixed now and it’s total bliss here.

Ran out for a quick HEB trip to get some sale items and some needs (HEB is my “needs” store, which means the sales aren’t that fantastic, but if I really need something, they typically have the lowest everyday prices in my area. Plus their store brand food is TO DIE FOR).

Stocked up on a few 5 for $5 things and found my favorite Pink Lady apples on sale! Pretty good trip. Spent $45. Will run by Randall’s tomorrow to cherry pick some sale items, but won’t probably spend more than $10-$12.

Planning to make some more freezer burritos this week as well. I might make some lunch burritos as well.
To sum up this post, have you ever read this book as a child or with your kids?

“I love my house. I love my nest. In the all the world this nest is best.”

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